Crock-Pot Cooking or Going Slow to Go Fast Later

Here it is the middle of January 2013.  Can you believe?  Long ago in my youth, thinking about the year 2000 way out there in the future, I never expected to still be here cooking away at something or other.  Now it is thirteen years passed 2000 and I’m still here and I’m still cooking in a number of ways!

I love winter cooking especially the delightful crock-pot meals you throw in before you leave for work in the morning.  The roast beef, potatoes, carrots and of course a small onion or two, salt & pepper and that can of beef broth – all in the same pot to simmer slowly on low all day mingling and collaborating the flavors and aroma making the perfect combination. What a joy later in the day when the sun has set to come in from the cold and catch the enticing whiff of a meal waiting to be savored by the family not far behind in their arrival. 

The slow preparation of the food leading to meeting the immediate or pressing need of hunger.  Taking the deliberate and measured method in order to be ready to move quickly later.  In this way my cookbook becomes my textbook for a learning edge I’m still experiencing in 2013 as I move through my Bush Fellowship.  I continue to be challenged by my own sense of urgency adding to my daily stress level.  Crock-pot cooking has shown me over and over that it is the slow and carefully planned mixing of flavors that produces the excellent stew in the end.  Planting the seed of an idea, allowing time for growth and the stewing to happen and finally being ready when it blossoms to move quickly before losing the bloom.  I know that but I still have to remind myself pretty much daily to put it into practice.

The end of August 2013 is the formal ending of my Fellowship, which means the ending of the monthly funding for my project with the breast cancer survivor community.  That time will be here before I know it. To have an income stream from the marketing of the two Voices of Hope DVDs that will sustain their production and distribution is my plan.  I’ve already thrown it into the crock-pot with a number of possible solutions.  AIMedia, the firm I’ve hired to help with marketing, is aware of this challenge and is also working on it with me. 

It’s a good thing I have a large kitchen as I have a number of other crock-pots going as well.  Here is just a hint of what’s cookin’.

January 28 – March 11 – I will be facilitating an online class for the ACS and NCOA called Cancer: Thriving and Surviving taking my teaching skills in a new direction.

My work with AIMedia Solutions is ongoing.  Our goals are a new logo and website for Voices of Hope, marketing package to target cancer care coordinators and educators.

Support Group Finder web tool is behind schedule but should be delivered soon.  It will then need to be populated.

The creation of the Study Guide for Voices of Hope: Family and Friends with the help breast care professionals from the Mayo Clinic.

I’ve made application to be a part of “The Hive” at TedMed 2013 in April at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  Only forty applicants will be invited –if I didn’t apply, for sure I would notbe invited!?!?!?  I’m waiting to see what bubbles up in the stew.

Enjoy the winter and happy cooking.  It must be lunch time somewhere.  I’m off to see what’s out there.




Crock-Pot Cooking or Going Slow to Go Fast Later

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