July 2013 Bush Report – Diane Davies

July 15, 2013 Bush Report – Diane Davies

The CDR Assessment not only focused on our risk factors for leadership but also on our drivers and rewards.  Through the discussions and activities in our leadership seminars, we did spend quite a bit of time on our risk factors in an effort to counteract their affect.  I thought it might be interesting to visit another section of that assessment and take a look at my drivers and rewards.

The Drivers and Rewards Report is described as a verbal portrait of your personal motivational profile – another words it describes what does and does not call you to action – what does and does not work for you – what provides or does not provide you with satisfaction in your life.  This to me is one of the keys to finding happiness, satisfaction and reward in what I do.  The roles, tasks and projects I choose need to match my personal drivers and motivators for a number of reasons:

  1. Doing work I enjoy is highly rewarding
  2. “Fit” matters to my performance
  3. Powerful information for my team members
  4. Knowing this information regarding my team helps me support my team
  5. Useful for career planning for commitment, loyalty and long-term success

My three highest scores were humanitarian efforts (94%), companionship & affiliation (93%) and fame and feedback (91%).  So what does that mean for me?  First of all it says that I am interested in social justice, making a difference and helping others.  Secondly that I have a need for friendship, camaraderie, and social interaction.  Lastly being recognized for a job well done and making a mark as a credit to my profession is important to me.

My three lowest scores were business and finance (11%), scientific reasoning (12%) and safety and security (36%).  Accordingly this shows that I’m more comfortable when someone else takes care of the business issues so I can focus on other goals.  I prefer to make decisions based on past experience and practice.  Change is stimulating for me.

How well do I feel the assessment described me is the important issue here.  Finance and scientific reasoning have never been high on my list.  I do not enjoy tasks involving business acumen.  Why I ever thought I’d be happy running a non-profit is beyond me and now is happily behind me.  Change I do find invigorating.  That is why I taught two different grade levels in four different buildings during my teaching career.  I was refreshed by the change and was therefore more productive and revitalized.  I do find working directly hands on with people enjoyable.  Mentoring/coaching/teaching has always been my calling.  I’m now using those same skills in new ways working with breast cancer patients and making a difference in their lives and their cancer journey.  I am a people person, which works well for me in cancer advocacy.  I do relish a sincere thank you for a job well done.  That type of recognition is important to me and goes a long way in motivating me to do more.  I guess the assessment pretty much nailed me!

 Project Updates:

  1. The creation of a study guide for Voices of Hope: Family and Friends is coming along now that we are using technology to our advantage and have stopped trying to meet in person with such busy schedules.  The guide will offer questions for individual reflection and/or small group discussion as well as activities to offer alternatives to change things up a bit and add interest.  It will hopefully be available this fall.
  2. The Cancer Patient Education Network will be meeting in conference in Seattle in September.  Voices of Hope will have a table in their resource center.
  3. The Breast Cancer Awareness Association has its annual seminar October 12 in Minneapolis where we will also have a resource table.  Work goes on creating a table top display for these two venues.
  4. The Support Group Finder is now on the website (www.voicesofhopebc.com).  Members of our group are busy validating support groups by telephone to add to the finder.  The tool needs some tweeking to allow groups to enter their information and request validation.
  5. My husband and I leave on July 16th for our bucket list Alaskan Cruise.  We return on July 28, 2013.
July 2013 Bush Report – Diane Davies

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