Back to School

3rd grade

“Back to School” week is now behind us.  What a joy opening up Facebook daily and seeing all the eager happy faces holding their grade signs ready to go back to school to start a new year.  Elsie is off to third grade already.  Eli has a couple of years of pre-school ahead of him but he was just excited as all the rest to get back into the school routine.

Routine is that which makes us comfortable even as adults.  Getting back from vacation feels just as good as going as it puts us back into our daily routine.  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that routine is good or bad.  I’m saying it is comfortable.  However, sometimes even being in a rut feels comfortable.  I find I make my biggest discoveries and move forward the most when I break away and learn a new routine.

My hope for this school year for our children and grandchildren is that they adapt to a new routine.  One that will help them grow,  learn to live with change, and help them collaborate with each other to solve problems.  Isn’t that really what education is all about?

Back to School

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