September at the Lake

September 16, 2015

It couldn’t be more beautiful here in southern Canada in September. A little fall color, yellow, is slowly coming into the trees. It will be a few more weeks before the color hits its height. The squirrels are busy dropping the pinecones around on the deck of the cabin for easy picking and the loons are beginning to gather for their trip to Florida. The days are shorter in sunlight triggering all of the changes we see. Warm days and cool nights make it about perfect for just about anything you want to do.

Pam & Wayne Weller are here with us enjoying cabin life for a few days. We had fresh walleye for dinner last night and bacon gravy on our biscuits this morning. Cabin life can be a bit “broadening”. Hoping for a few more days of perfect weather and looking forward to a cool evening and a fire in the fireplace. I’m ready for sweatshirts, jeans and a little frost on the pumpkin.

September at the Lake

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