First Fire of the Season

September 17, 2015

A warm sweatshirt, football on TV, a big bowl of popcorn and the first fire of the season in the fireplace. Who could ask for more? This morning was a little hot and sticky but as the day progressed, the temperature went down as well as the windows. A little taste of fall in the year and it feels wonderful! I know I probably won’t feel that way come January but for now I’ll take it!

Fall is always a feeling of gathering in, coming back together after a summer of going here and there and everywhere. School starts and schedules change. The days get shorter and cooler. It’s time to get out the long pants and sweaters. As a kid it meant digging out the undershirts. Do kids even wear undershirts anymore? That snug feeling of slipping that soft cotton shirt over your head to hug your middle and keep out the drafts of the changing season was the signal of the changes ahead much as today’s first fire of the season. Good bye humidity – hello fall!Firs

First Fire of the Season

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