Flash of Fame

September 22, 2015

The sky belied the fact that it was getting close to noon. A light mist was falling adding to the gloom of the day. In the distance, a horn blew sounding as if a steamship was approaching on the river from the north. I ran out on the deck with my camera hoping to snap a picture of the barge transporting the cement bridge sections for the new Stillwater crossing.

As the boat came into view, it was neither a steamship or the barge but the Grand Duchess of the Hudson Afton Cruise Line. The party on board was well underway with guests inside and out enjoying the ride in spite of the falling mist. Several guests on the top deck began waving and shouting as they cruised in front of our home. The captain blew the horn again when he saw my cleaning ladies and myself on the deck of our home waving back to his guests.

I was at a loss as to why we were getting the celebrity treatment from the boat crew and passengers. Was it the rain? The wine? What? The top deck group continued their commotion and one voice rose above the din, “Hi there, Mrs. Hubbard!” So that was it! They had the wrong house!!!!!!

Flash of Fame

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