MPR Visit

September 24, 2015


“Just check in at the desk in the lobby. They will issue you a visitor badge and call me. I’ll come down to get you for the interview,” were my instructions from Lorna Benson of Minnesota Public Radio. Lorna left a voice mail message last week requesting my help in doing a program on peer mentoring with breast cancer patients. Peer mentoring/support is a powerful but often neglected source of expertise for those facing breast cancer. Who better to offer hope and emotional support than someone who has been there and survived? With the radio station actually calling me to request information, perhaps the day has come for this idea to take off and make a difference. I know of several organizations that offer this kind of support program but wouldn’t it be wonderful if every woman diagnosed would be given the opportunity to be paired with a mentor for hands on, face to face, encouragement and hope?

As promised, Lorna met me in the lobby and escorted me to the newsroom and a recording studio where we conversed for nearly an hour. Her experience in interviewing was evident as she led me through a lot of material in the short amount of time we had together. In addition to the peer mentoring material, we also discussed my new book. We made a connection as women often do when discussing breast cancer. Lorna’s eyes teared up at several points in my story. How much of the interview will actually be used in any programming is yet to be seen. I’ll keep you posted in the weeks ahead.MPR Visi

MPR Visit

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