Diane Fishing – Really?

September 26, 2015

Numbering the days left in our Rainy Lake season for 2015. We are now down to about 3 weeks before time to close up for the winter. Butch says that he almost has all of the summer projects finished so of course it’s time to put the cabin to bed for the winter! Well insulated, new furnace, lots of wood for the fireplace – however the house sits on top of a large granite bolder with the water pipes and the sewer pipes sitting on top of the granite as well – makes it rather hard to have running water and flushing toilets in the winter! So close up we must.

With our Canadian friends here for a visit, we decided to go for a boat ride on this gorgeous fall day and perhaps do a little fishing on the way back. Diane is not a fisher person but I didn’t want to miss the time on the lake. Butch told me to bring a jacket, hat and a book and get in the boat so that is just what I did. You know me, I do everything he says – right!?!?!?!

What a joy to see island after island of majestic pines of growing seemingly right out of the granite with a vivid blue sky for a backdrop. Mixed in with the pines are poplar, white ash, birch and even a few maples which will all be changing color here in a day or so adding to the beauty of the season and the area. Of the four of us in the boat, three were fishing and one was reading a book. Can you guess who was doing the reading? Walleye for dinner, however, sounds delicious.

Diane Fishing – Really?

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