Try This at Home

September 30, 2015

This amazing bulletin board was posted on Facebook yesterday and I reposted it to my timeline. My daughter, Krisi, responded; “ Do you think my own children would think I am goofy if I create a board like this in our house? I LOVE this!!”My answer to her was “You could use post it notes at home!”


Why not teach this at home? If the teacher is caring enough to be using this in the classroom, I say reinforcing it at home makes perfect sense. With the home and the classroom working together, how can our kids fail?  

In my twenty-six years of teaching, I created hundreds of bulletin boards. Not one of them held as valuable a lesson as this one. Even as adults we sometimes need our mindsets changed. Hats off to the clever and creative teacher who put this board together. It wouldn’t hurt to have it posted and used in every home and in every classroom.

Try This at Home

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