October 3, 2015

When you see the word vintage, what comes to mind? First to my mind comes vintage clothes – old-fashioned, or out-of-date clothing. Not garage sale stuff but fine classic apparel from eras past. Or how about vintage appliances, vintage machines, even vintage equipment? Outmoded, antiquated, dated, old, antique are words that pop into my head but also of the best. A vintage wine is supposedly the best wine and a vintage car is called a classic. So if something is vintage it is out of the ordinary in a special way.

The fall season brings with it vintage sales that have become so popular with shoppers of all ages. The word vintage raises the sale to a higher level of reality. It is not just an antique sale but a vintage antique sale. There you will not find “junk” but vintage junk raising it a level above just plain old junk. I guess it is all in the eyes of the beholder.

No matter – a vintage sale in the fall is just plain fun! It gets you out in the cool crisp sunshine to enjoy the colors of the season, friends and neighbors that are out and about, fresh apples, pumpkins and squash, and you might even find some vintage junk that you just cannot live without any longer. The challenge comes in repurposing the find into something useful for today.

This weekend, October 3 & 4, and next, October 10 & 11, you will find for your enjoyment the Apple Pickers Vintage Sale at 8421 St. Croix Trail S, Hastings, MN. 12 vendors featuring furniture, garden art, tools, guys stuff, French country, metal junk, big old cupboards, barn wood creations, antiques and some just plain interesting stuff will be on hand. The sale is 1 mile south of Afton Alps on St. Croix Trail. You can’t miss it. I gotta go before all the good “junk” is gone.   See you!


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