October 9, 2015

Not too many years ago a scroll was a roll of parchment, a list, a ribbon with a motto on it. Scrolling today is moving text on a computer screen – who knew? I remember thirty years or so ago taking a computer class with a group of colleagues from the school district where I was teaching. We were learning how to access the Internet. I wonder how many people today don’t know how to do this – get online that is? How times have changed.

I was scrolling back through my Face Book pages (Did you know that you can now buy a book made from your Face Book posts? How cool is that?) reading posts from the past, like a week or so ago. I realized how much I do enjoy Face Book. I know, I know – I hear all of the warnings too.   BUT where else can I keep up with my family and friends so quickly? Pictures from baby showers, homecoming dances, football games, vacations etc. keep me up-to-date with the happenings around me from near and far. I enjoy the “old” pictures from days long gone and even see myself there from time to time. Keeping up with how fast the new little babes grow and who is celebrating what is fun and easy. I probably access the Internet four or five times a day and think nothing of it.

I just wonder what social media will be like even ten years from now. For now I’ll continue to enjoy Face Book, emailing, online shopping, Google search and the like.


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