October 8, 2015

Why is waiting so hard? Remember when you were a kid. It took F O R E V E R for Christmas to come even after the calendar page turned to December. Or how about your birthday – you’d wait and wait and when the day arrived it would be over with before you knew it leaving you with 365 days of waiting for it to come again.

Even as adults, waiting is hard. We wait nine months for the baby to come. Days and days are waited for the test results to be in. Sometimes we wait months for an order to be fulfilled. It seems to never get any easier – the waiting that is.

Today’s trend is toward instant gratification! We find it hard to wait in line at the drive through at McDonalds or the bank. I heard on the news tonight that amazon.com Prime is aiming for 1 hour delivery for $7.99 and if you can wait 2 hours your delivery is free of charge – really?

I finished the writing portion of my new book in late August and it feels like I’ve been waiting since then for the paperback edition to arrive from the printers. Well tomorrow is the scheduled arrival date from Fed Ex. Will it happen? I guess I’ll just have to WAIT and see.


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