Another Busy Day

September 13, 2015

I started out the day cleaning up loose ends in our office. Funny how when you dig to the bottom of the pile you find unpaid bills and tasks that needed to have happened yesterday.   Oh well, at least it all got finished up until more arrives in the mail or on the Internet.

My next stop took me to Woodwinds where I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon of twelve years ago. I’ve been experiencing a problem with my left implant. The implant is the entire breast since breast cancer in 2004. The last couple of weeks, the breast has been filling with fluid and has grown considerably. It was time to have it looked at. The diagnosis is one of three things; bacteria that has entered my lymph system, my body rejecting the implant, or a rare breast cancer that effects 1 in a million women. Dr. Mann said the #3 is a real rarity and he would be very surprised if that what it is. Monday morning at 6:30 I’m scheduled for a breast MRI at Regions. Then we’ll go from there. I’ll keep you posted.

KDWA radio station in Hastings was next on the list for an interview with Mo McNeary regarding the Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group. Claire and Candy, the group’s co-leaders and myself were first up followed by a second interview regarding my new book. The station is small but really does a great job covering the news for the community of Hastings.

Last but not least, a final stop at Little Beginnings to pick up Eli. Butch had bus duty this afternoon to pick up Elsie. By 6:00 the two of them head home usually. Tonight Elsie and her Dad had school conferences at Pinecrest Elementary and Mom had her own conferences for her students at Friendly Hills Middle School. Eli got stuck with Grandma and peanut butter sandwiches until about 7:00 p.m. He was talking about a sleepover until his sister appeared at the door telling him to come home. He opted to go home telling me it was only up the hill and in the door so you don’t have to come with me Gram. So grown up for 3 years old. I watched from my door until I saw him go in the house. Like I said – Busy Day!

Another Busy Day

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