Cabin Closing/Autumn Ritual and Grandeur

October 15, 2015

Of course getting there is half of the fun when you enjoy flying like Butch and I do. The fall color up here is beyond peak but it is still beautiful as you can see.   We always try to have the cabin buttoned up for the winter by October 15 – and here it is already. We drain the water systems; empty the cupboards of anything that will freeze, turn off the gas, and cover the windows. The boats go into Fort Frances for storage. The extra beer gets hauled home along with any leftovers in the freezer. The floating dock has to be pulled out into the bay where it freezes in for the winter. That is not part of my job description – thank goodness. Today is rainy off and on with periods of sunshine. Good thing it doesn’t have to be done today.   Here are a few more pictures I took between raindrops. It is just so beautiful here rain or shine. I wish you could all join us for a weekend. The barge coming in to the bay is how we have fuel delivered up here.

The old outhouse has a wonderful green roof. It only gets used if we come up for a winter visit. We do have indoor toilets and running water.

Cabin Closing/Autumn Ritual and Grandeur

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