October 15, 2015

Received a package this week from Exeter, California – the land of fruits and nuts as Butch as been heard to say! Inside were about five pounds of green olives, fresh from the trees and preserved with love in Pam & Wayne Weller’s kitchen. The only olives I’ve ever eaten have been in a jar or a can on the shelf in the grocery store or floating in my gin and tonic. In my opinion, they are the fifth of the four food groups – fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and olives.

While here for a visit in September, the Wellers were explaining the olive preserving process starting with shaking the tree, soaking in lye, rinsing in cold water and the rest I’ve forgotten. Brave as I am, I let Butch taste test first the little green balls. As he went back for more, I knew I was safe to taste for myself. WONDERFUL – MILD – DELICIOUS – are a few words that came to mind. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the ones in the grocery store and in my gin but these are amazing! I’ll be sad to see the batch emptied. That won’t be too long as you start with one and that turns into a handful! I guess we’ll just have to BEG the Weller’s for more next year.


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