Good News

October 20, 2015

A couple of week ago I noticed that my left breast appeared to be growing! Now in 2004 I had a bilateral mastectomy because of breast cancer – that means I had both breasts removed and silicone implants eventually put into my body. Silicone implants do not grow so what was going on in my body? I went back to my plastic surgeon that did the reconstruction process eleven years ago and was told that it was one of three things; 1) bacteria in lymph system, 2) my body was rejecting the implant after all of these years, or 3) a very rare form of breast cancer that effects one in a million women. He told me not to dwell on #3 as it was very rare. So what did I dwell on, #3 of course. Eleven years ago it was cancer so why wouldn’t that be true once again?

Yesterday I had a breast MRI at Regions Hospital. The test would tell us what we were dealing with. I’ve had two MRIs before but never experienced the “heat” that this one produced in my body. It may have been because I had to be on my stomach for the entire test, or that I had a reaction to the dye shot into my system, or that I was uptight as to what the test would show. Who knows? When they brought me out after twenty minutes, the nurse handed me a cool washcloth and a towel to take care of the sweat on my face.

11:00 this morning was my appointment with the surgeon to get the results of the MRI. Butch came along for moral support. The doctor wasted no time with hello, how are you or anything as anal as that. He walked in the door and said, “You have a ruptured implant on the left side. We’ll schedule surgery to take it out and put a new one in. Is that okay with you?” I reached out and grabbed his hand. “Really, its only a broken implant – no cancer?” He smiled and nodded. My relief was most evident. “No,” I heard myself say. “I want both of the implants removed and not replaced.”   He was most happy to comply with my wishes.

Good news for sure! Can you believe that I’m happy to JUST have a little surgery again? To put up with a drain tube under each arm again for a week or so? To go through the healing process of yet another surgery? YOU BET I AM! No new cancer and no sign of the old cancer – nothing could be better news. I’m so happy and so blessed! Bring on the surgery and thank you Lord for medical science!

Good News

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